Digital language and arts education were the stimulus that triggered the development of a computer game as an object of technological learning. Our goal is to enter a new impetus for addressing the elements of perception and visual communication as basic elements to artistic expression. This report describes the construction of a game using Processing language, which handles the Kinect sensor, designed for the Xbox 360 console and allows the player to interact with the game without needing to use a remote, renewing and increasing the possibilities in the vast field of gaming. In this project, the concept is presented and explained and there are drawn some conclusions.

“COMA” Concept

“COMA”´s is part of a project of collecting sensory information, a technical, sculptural and dynamic instrument, that works reproducing the subject´s state of mind, recording in real time heart rhythm changes, communicating it through sound. In this case the machine becomes the instrument that drives the sound, where the viewer can, not only act in a contemplative way but also as an interactive and performance agent.
COMA symbolizes a therapeutic tool projected on a art´s representation that stimulates the viewer.

by: Rui de Carvalho & Miguel Moura

“COMA” Storytelling

Everything seemed innocuous. As most of times, all the major changes seem to be. Maybe in the beginning everything is harmless. Or, perhaps, most people are just distracted. Trying to live. Or trying to forget that they are alive.(…)
…COMA begins to be seen as an redemptive and healing element, a possible solution to a defeated world.(…)
The person in despair, neurosis, in stress, depressed were linked to COMA and this splendid machine started regulating the heart rate´s levels, regulating blood pressure, until the user were stabilized in a calm state of extreme relaxation . It was a miracle. (...)
In the year 2067, the planet is safe. The wars ended, including those that were motivated by the quest for oil, nuclear, or religion. There is nothing left to fight anymore. People live in peace and serenity. The COMA is linked to the human being from the moment they born until the moment the natural degradation of their bodies leads to the inevitable death. The individual consciousness ceases to exist. COMA effectively became a mechanism that is, not only a regulator and inducer of serenity states, but also an element that induces SUBMISSION, of all living human beings.(...)
Because now we have everything we always wanted.
We have everything you ever yearn for because now we don´t long for anything.
We live in a state of permanent contentment.

Drafted and written by Rui de Carvalho


Among is a sonic and luminous environment composed of articulated tubular lights, their pulsation and movement is conditioned by a computer vision system that observes living ants in an antquarium. Subsequently the tubes´ positions and luminous intensities drive a sonification for this environment. The resulting sound, light and movement sequences are amplified interpretations of the ant colony´s activity. Among allows you to wander around among those sequences, offering you a space to experience this amplification.

Among is by Sérgio Ferreira & Hugo Barreira.
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Work exploring dance and digital art done in collaboration with Balleteatro to be presented in the Teatro do Campo Alegre, Porto, 17th June.

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foto: balleteatro@LuisFerraz

Choreography and interpretation Né Barros (www.balleteatro.pt)

Digital Art João Martinho Moura [engageLab, Universidade do Minho] (www.jmartinho.net)

Technical coordination Alexandre Vieira

Executive production Patrícia Caveiro

Production balleteatro


Bioart classes

Introductory seminar on molecular biology and genetics at University of Minho's Department of Biology.

what we are reading...

Theatre Sensitive

"Theatre Sensitive" is an interactive project based in play "Quem disse que não era possível?" by Margarida Vilaça with 3D projected settings and puppets in a real stage.

The physical structure of the stage includes multiple sensors to detect puppets´s movement, turning the play into a interactive theatre.

Once on stage, the puppets have complete autonomy. However, certain movements cause reactions in the stage´s enviroment, impelling the progression of story.

By Ana Paula Machado, Hugo Barreira, Lara Lima, Lionel Louro, Maria de Fátima Silva and Maria do Céu Oliveira



Triquetra_Project from triquetra on Vimeo.

The artistic scope supporting Triquetra is based on collaborative and annonymous mobilization. Triquetra references a three dimensional representation of the Infinite or at the end for eternity. Thus, the concepts behind this artifact are the Art producer engine, continuous painting, Collective Painting, Network Art and finally the Non Author concept. The aim of this project is to promote connections and interactions, performances from the artistical process agents and analyze the way the exposed concepts are expressed on the pictorial artifacts, as a result of a continuous fighting. Ergo, we propose a third way for the painting art, which is not better or worst than any other one before but just different, in other words, it is not our goal to build a post-human artifact but otherwise a more human one.

by Rui Carvalho & Miguel Moura

Our Lower Identity

OLI | Art Instalation | Portugal 2010

Authors: Tiago Areias and Pedro Teixeira
Soundtrack: Pedro Teixeira

Our lower identity is an ongoing artistic project focusing on the role of footwear in apparel-based non-verbal communication. By gathering two sets of pictures of people's shoes, from two contrasting locations and then displaying them side by side, we hope to highlight the ability of shoes to act as reminders of significance of individual people or collective groups within a given sociological context. To accomplish this we have developed an artifact for photographing people's shoes.

WW - Double You

WW - Double You is an interactive installation based on the short story William Wilson written by Edgar Allan Poe in 1839. Considering the fictional richness of this narrative and the opportunity to think about reflection-image, absence-presence, we propose this unique user installation. Users will walk alone through the set, immersed in an experience where sound and visual narratives will motivate them to make Sense of their own life.

By Rodrigo Medeiros and Rui Ribeiro

Drawing Ants

Drawing Ants.
Exploring Moist Media.

Drawing Ants, is an installation that gives living ants the unconscious ability to draw images. It aims to symbolize, explore possible aesthetics that result from the interaction between nature and technology, it encourages critical discussion on the ethics involved. ” Drawing Ants ” naively positions itself in the emerging Moist Media / Bio Art domain and uses established Digital Arts techniques.

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The goal behind this project was to create a device which allows the conversion of micro-electochemical pulses gererated by plants and turn them into some sort of "organic drawings" and "sound composition" in real time.
by Filipe Barreira and Pedro Ângelo
check videos here

YMYI exhibition in Destelheide

YMYI exhibition in Destelheide Permanent exhibition until 23 of May, 2010.

Joao Martinho Moura http://www.jmartinho.net curated by Lies Jacob, Destelheide, DHArts
Movie credits: tfdt.org

Pictures of the exhibition here


Sketches of a new continuous painting machine. More comming soon...

Draft by Rui de Carvalho;


Feeding from the internet, this machine drops disinfectant based ink on a canvas where the corners are tilted every minute according to the number of the words "global warming", "influenza", "recession" and "terrorism" present on news found by google news.

The device that we wish to construct is meant to establish bridges between the fields of artistic creation and technology based on the principles of continuous painting.

The project was developed in Arduino and Processing.

Rui Manuel Correia de Carvalho
João Ricardo Correia de Carvalho

Performance by Vitor Lago Silva – Sábado, 10.10.09, 17:00

Recording of the Live video stream performance:

YMYI in Belgium

Thanks to:
Filipe Valpereiro
João Maia Silva
LCD_lab. Criação Digital
MTAD_Mestrado em tec. e arte digital_Uminho
Pedro Branco
Sérgio Soares Ferreira


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